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Last Day!

Happy Labor Day! Hope you're all relaxing and beating the heat!


The last day of glymed’s End of Summer Sale is today and you will save 10% site-wide and get free shipping! 


This means all your favorite Peptide products are 10% off and the Atraxi Peptide Moisturizer is 20% off!


What are Peptides anyway? Look for my upcoming blog where I'll go into more depth but peptides are molecules consisting of short strings of amino acids linked by peptide bonds. Whereas longer chains of peptides form proteins.


Because protein molecules are large, they cannot be adequately absorbed into the skin. Peptides, being smaller, can easily penetrate the skin, offering a range of skin care benefits. This attribute is one of the reasons peptides are skincare stars. Reply to this email or text me for product recommendations!


Start shopping now on my online store:

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