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Transformations for the Body


Laser Lipolysis Fat Reduction 

When risking going under the knife is not for you, our ultra-advanced laser treatment becomes your best choice. Get rid of body fat in as little as three visits. Our patented Diode Laser destroys fat cells that metabolize and get removed naturally from your body.
Undesirable pockets of fat are hard to eliminate regardless of your fitness level. Let's put technology to work and reduce fat on your abdomen, sides, back, arms, legs and thighs.


Our ultra-effective VENUS BLISS MAX technology uses a 1064 nm Diode Laser to heat fat cells deep below the skin's surface. The energy from the laser is absorbed by the fat cells, causing these fat cells to heat up, elevating the temperature within the fat layer. When fat cells are exposed to these higher temperatures, their structural integrity is damaged irreversibly, and they die. The destroyed fat and dead fat cells are then naturally metabolized and removed from the area by specialized cells in the body.

Key Benefits:

⦁    Fat reduction in areas where your body accumulates more adipose cells.
⦁    We recommend 3-4 treatments for the best results. Some clients will need fewer or more sessions, depending on their individual needs and particular case.
⦁    Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.
⦁    Sessions are done every 4-6 weeks​.

Q: Is treatment safe for all skin tones?
Yes, our Laser Lipolysis treatment is safe on ALL skin tones

Q: Should this treatment be done alone or in combination with other treatments?
It can be effective alone or with other modalities. We recommend adding 4D Body treatments to further contouring and cellulite reduction.

Q: Is there any downtime after treatment?
No, you can resume your normal activities right after treatment

Q: How is this treatment different from cryolipolysis and other fat reduction treatments?
There are significant advantages:

⦁    Cryolipolysis and Laser Lipolysis offer similar results in terms of fat elimination. However, the ideal candidate for effective cryolipolysis often desires to get rid of a small "pouch" in the abdomen area. Cryolipolysis does not work well in extensive areas. Our Laser Lipolysis treatment offers excellent results in extensive areas of the abdomen and sides.
⦁    Laser Lipolysis does not present the known adverse effects of Cryolipolysis: post-treatment pain, swelling, bruising, and especially concerning paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (reverse effect when the treated area responds unfavorably to treatment and multiplies fat cells instead of eliminating them)
⦁    25 minute treatment versus 1 hour treatment


Utilizing Multipolar RF Technology, our Radiofrequency is the most powerful Radiofrequency technology in the industry to contour, diminish cellulite, smooth, tighten your skin and tone. Our treatment combines Multipolar Radio Frequency with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields and VariPlus suction for extraordinary results.

As we get older, our body naturally produces less collagen and stores more fat. Normal signs of aging are sagging skin, loss of toning and definition.
Let's firm up and sculpt in around 30 minutes!

Key Benefits:

⦁    Shrinks fat cells in the area 
⦁    Firms up and smooths sagging skin
⦁    Contours the silhouette of the body
⦁    Diminishes the appearance of cellulite


Our VENUS VERSA technology, a revolutionary, ultra-modern system effectively combines Thermal Multi-polar Radio-frequency and Non-thermal Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy to promote collagen synthesis and healing processes in the skin.

Our revolutionary VENUS BLISS MAX device combines three technologies to address  
(MP)2 treatments use thermal Multi-Polar Radio Frequency to heat the skin, non-thermal Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to promote collagen synthesis and healing processes in the skin, and VariPulse™ massage to increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage deep beneath the skin. This treatment is comfortable and feels like a warm massage. It is proven safe and effective for all skin tones. Like the fat and muscle treatments, these can be done as a standalone or used in combination with other treatments as a part of the TriBody program

Key benefits:

⦁    Increased fibroblast activity.
⦁    New collagen and elastin synthesis.
⦁    Skin smoothing and cellulite reduction.
⦁    Skin tightening and circumferential reduction.


What to Expect:

⦁    We recommend 8-10 treatments for the best results. Some clients will need fewer or more sessions, depending on their individual needs and particular cases.
⦁    Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes.
⦁    Sessions can be done as frequently as once per week
⦁    You will feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment
⦁    During treatment, you will see redness in the treated area due to the MP2 technology.  The redness will subside within an hour after treatment.
⦁    Avoid taking a cold shower within 3 hours after treatment.


Work out your muscles the equivalent of 100,000 repetitions in 30 minutes with the most advanced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) system in the industry! 

Our best-in-class, ultra-intelligent adaptive technology will help you get toned and lean or strong and built, depending on your personal goals, for amazing, accelerated results.

How it works

⦁    Simulate a high-intensity strength workout that targets various muscle groups with optimized parameters. (Not all muscles are worked out equally at the gym, Flex Max does an even better job at surprising our muscle groups) Reach up to 100,000 repetitions in a single session.
⦁    Smart train the following group muscles: triceps, biceps, abdomen, obliques, hamstrings, thighs, and glutes for conditioning, toning, and definition 


Welcome to the next level of EMS technology! Our system, Flex Max EMS, delivers precise flows of energy in a controlled manner, which allows ONLY the targeted muscle to be activated instead of heating the surrounding tissue, which makes our treatment 5 TIMES more powerful and effective than any other system in the industry.  

Transformation starts with a healthy lifestyle, always incorporating physical exercise and good nutrition.
At Pure Glow Skincare Studio, we will complement your efforts to help you reach your personal goals FASTER.
We are all unique and how we want to look should be dictated by us and not by anyone else's beauty standards. When we feel confident, we can do ANYTHING!

Building and maintaining healthy muscle tissue becomes much harder as we age. In addition to good nutrition, strength training is the best way to achieve this goal.
The reality, however, is that not everyone has the time needed to engage in enough physical activity and exercise to obtain and maintain healthy muscle mass. At Pure Glow Skincare Studio we offer you an amazing shortcut, the equivalent of 3 months of training in a 30-minute session!

Key Benefits:

⦁    Muscle conditioning, toning and definition
⦁    Fully personalized training and treatment programs
⦁    Progression over time with tolerance and endurance


⦁    We recommend 6-8 sessions for best results.
⦁    2 treatments per week with 48 - 72 hours between treatments
⦁    Treatment is not painful or uncomfortable.
⦁    You may experience muscle soreness the next day, similar to how you feel after a strength training session at the gym
⦁    Treatment duration is approximately 30 minutes, depending on the area

Q: Can I have multiple areas treated at the same time?
A: Yes, you can get treatment on two different muscle groups at the same time

Q: Are there any other benefits to this treatment besides esthetics?
A: Yes, strengthening your muscles helps with stability and mobility issues; and core strength training can relieve low back pain.

Q: If I also want to burn fat, what other treatment should I combine EMS with?
A: Our amazing Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction Treatment will tackle body contouring, skin laxity, and cellulite. Our Laser Lipolysis Fat Elimination Treatment kills fat cells from the abdomen, sides, glutes, and thighs.

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