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Glymed Labor Day sale!

It's almost Labor Day which means it's time to stock up on your glymed plus favorites!


Glymed’s End of Summer Sale is coming on Sunday, September 3rd  – Monday September 4th. You will save 10% site-wide and get free shipping! 


Want to start fading that summer hyperpigmentation?  Order Daily Clarifier (previously called Living Cell Clarifying) and Pigment Brightening Serum (Derma Pigment Skin Brightener) and don’t stop wearing your SPF DAILY. 1-2 pumps of each serum, Daily Clarifier in the a.m. and Pigment Brightening in the p.m. These serums plus daily SPF will help PREVENT new pigment from forming, BRIGHTEN the spots you have, and PROTECT against future sun damage.  They also help prep your skin for Peel Season!


10% off and Free Shipping for everything! Start shopping now on my online store:

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