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Better late than never!

Well, it’s almost the end of July so I guess I’ll send out the July Newsletter!

First things first, it’s hot out there y’all.  Please stay hydrated, wear your SPF AND a hat, and avoid being outside in the hottest times of the day.  The air quality is terrible and unhealthy for breathing and your skin – think UV rays, Ozone and Pollution. 


I’ve been wracking my brain for excessive heat solutions for you when it dawned on me:  Bio-Therapeutic’s Hyaluronic Repair Mask! I use it in the treatment room all the time to hydrate, cool and calm so why not sell them to y’all so you can do the same thing at home? Plus, everyone who has this treatment LOVES the serum included in the mask and there is always so much of it.  Pour the extra in a travel bottle to use for at least a week (longer if you’re careful with it)


This easy-to-use gel mask is loaded with Hyaluronic Acid to drench, Peptides to fortify, and Copper to COOL your skin. (It also has a bunch of other great stuff – Beta-Glucan, extracts from Licorice, Chamomile, Peony, I could go on…) 


One of these blue beauties is only $16 but, because I want you to get them and use them, I’m offering a volume discount: one for $16, two for $28, and three for $36.  A truly amazing deal.  Click below to place an order for pick up at our Willow Park location:

Next up, you may have noticed the glymed plus has rebranded with beautiful new packaging and easier-to-understand product names.  What used to be called Amino Acid Epidermal Sealant with PC10 is now Barrier Repair Cream which is definitely an improvement.  I have some inventory with the old packaging that I’d like to move quickly so I will be selling this at 20% off until I run out.  I don’t have any Daily Skin Clarifier (formerly Living Cell Clarifier) but I have several other things which will be available at the 20% discount on a first come first served basis so please reply to this email now if you’re looking for something or to get a current product list.


And speaking of the heat, we are being careful with treatments if the temperatures are in the triple digits.  What does this mean? We’ll do lighter AHA and Enzyme peels instead of the stronger ones.  You’ll still get beautiful results, but we can’t go back to our stronger peels until the weather is consistently back in the double digits.

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