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Transformations for the Face

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Photofacial

Sun damage, dark or light spots, visible veins, redness, bumps, and discoloration are common signs of premature aging. But they don’t have to be permanent. Intense pulse light (IPL) photofacial treatments are a simple way to minimize the appearance of these common signs of premature aging without the surgery. 
Our Venus Versa IPL treatments are proven, minimally invasive advanced skin care procedures that can significantly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, textural irregularities and vascular and pigmentation. There is minimal discomfort and typically only some redness for about a day afterward. With an IPL photofacial, you can achieve noticeably brighter, clearer, and more youthful-looking skin. Each treatment also works on vascular marks, such as spider veins and capillaries.

How It Works:

IPL uses light energy to target darker tones in your skin. When the skin is heated, your body gets rid of the unwanted cells, and that gets rid of the concern you're being treated for. It can treat a range of skin conditions at the same time.

Venus Concept’s IPL face treatment is a simple, non-surgical way to effectively target pigment under the skin’s surface to reduce the appearance of discoloration and premature aging.


⦁    Even skin tone with less sun damage, age spots, and visible capillaries
⦁    Improved pore size and texture
⦁    Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles


⦁    Each session typically takes just 15–20 minutes, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule or a short lunch break.
⦁    Patients describe Venus Versa™ photofacial treatments as feeling like a light snap or flick on the skin. The sensation is very brief, as the applicator moves around the treatment area. 
⦁    Please stop using any products that might irritate skin two to three days prior to treatment. Avoid tanning, including with self-tanners, two weeks before and two weeks after treatment, and use sunscreen and sun protection (like layers and hats) whenever going outdoors—even in cloudy weather. 
⦁    Following treatments, skin may feel warm, like a sunburn, and may remain red for up to 24 hours. Makeup may be applied to neutralize redness immediately following treatment, though it is recommended to apply sunscreen first. 
⦁    Hot baths, massages, or other activities requiring direct skin contact should be avoided for the first two days post-treatment. 
⦁    We recommend 3-5 treatments 

Nano Fractional Skin Resurfacing:

Do you desire the effects of skin resurfacing but the risk, downtime, and cost associated with traditional fractional procedures ( CO2, erbium lasers, Fraxel)  kept you away? Our Venus Viva uses Nano Fractional Radio Frequency and a proprietary SmartScan™ technology to deliver fractional results without the pain, cost, or downtime. 

What is Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing?

The Venus Viva is a FDA approved skin resurfacing system for the treatment of scarring, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin texture and pigmentation, rosacea and acne scarring. Venus Viva uses NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan Technology to deliver energy through the epidermis to the dermis, generating heat, while stimulating fibroblast and rebuilding collagen.

Can Venus Viva Treat All Skin Types?
The Venus Viva skin resurfacing is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?
On average the Venus Viva requires 3-6 treatments spaced four weeks apart for ideal results.

What Is Difference Between the Venus Viva and Fraxel or CO2 Lasers?
The biggest difference is downtime. With the Venus Viva skin resurfacing Austin there is no reason to expect downtime however, there is a possibility of redness for 3-5 days. Venus Viva uses microneedle technology to help the energy penetrate deeper into the dermis for faster healing time and better results. Fraxel and CO2 laser, on the other hand, require 2-4 weeks of downtime. These invasive treatments remove layers of the skin causing excess healing. Fraxel and CO2 lasers are not recommended for darker skin tones whereas Venus Viva can be used on all skin types.

How Long Does a Skin Resurfacing Treatment Take?
Each session takes just 15–30 minutes on average, making it easy to fit into a busy schedule. For best results, book each appointment with some space between activities to allow the skin to stay makeup-free and sweat-free for 24 hours. Book appointments after workout or hot yoga sessions, or even before a work-from-home day, so the treated skin can focus on recovery without exposure to irritants. 

What Can I Expect After the Venus Viva Treatment?
A mild redness and warming of the skin occur throughout a treatment session. For most people, this fades within a few hours after the session. For others with more sensitive skin, the redness can linger and be accompanied by discomfort (similar to a sunburn) for up to 36 hours. For the first 12 hours after treatment, the skin should be free of any skin care products. After 24 hours, mineral makeup can be applied to treated areas. Sun exposure should be avoided during the first 48 hours after a treatment session.

Are There Risks to the Viva Skin Resurfacing Treatment?
Radiofrequency skin treatments are extremely low-risk procedures. The most common unwanted effect is skin redness and sensitivity however these should pass quickly. There is a risk of skin discomfort for some patients during the procedure which can be avoided by pretreating the area with a numbing cream

How Soon Can I Return to Work?
Avoid applying lotions, makeup, water, or anything else to the treatment area for 24 hours post-treatment. Hot baths or showers, massages, rigorous exercise, and any activity requiring direct skin contact or causing excessive perspiration in the treatment area should be avoided for two days post-procedure. Avoid tanning before and after each treatment session, and wear sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 between treatments.

Who is the best candidate for this treatment?
The best candidate for Venus Viva™ skin resurfacing treatments is someone who shows signs of skin damage or skin texture imperfections. Signs of skin damage may include scars, deep wrinkles, visible pores, stretch marks, and other conditions that affect the skin’s surface texture. Treatments are safe for all skin tones.

Diamond Polar Skin Tightening

Soften deep wrinkles, diminish fine lines, tighten skin, define jawline, decrease volume, increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Our treatment uses patented ultra-powerful Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields for youthful-looking skin from the inside out

As we get older, our body starts to produce less collagen and store more fat. Normal signs of aging are wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of facial muscle definition. Glow up from the inside out, reverse signs of aging and effectively delay the process


⦁    Prevent aging signs
⦁    Soften deep wrinkles
⦁    Diminish fine lines
⦁    Reduce volume and tighten skin for a smoother jawline
⦁    Tone & lift facial muscles
⦁    Reduce fluid around the eyes for a refreshed look

Our VENUS VERSA technology, a revolutionary, ultra-modern system effectively combines Thermal Multi-polar Radio-frequency and Non-thermal Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Therapy to promote collagen synthesis and healing processes in the skin.

Key benefits:

⦁    Increased fibroblast activity
⦁    New collagen and elastin synthesis
⦁    Skin tightening
⦁    We recommend 8-10 treatments for best results. Some patients will need fewer or more sessions, depending on their individual needs and particular case.
⦁    Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes
⦁    Sessions are done once a week
⦁    You will feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment
⦁    Avoid washing your face with cold water within 3 hours after treatment


Q: Is treatment safe for all skin tones?
A: Yes, our Diamond Polar Skin Tightening treatment is safe on ALL skin tones

Q: Can this treatment be done in other areas?
A: Yes, it can be done in other areas as different treatment areas from the face.

Q: Is there any downtime after treatment?
A: No, you can resume your normal activities right after treatment, but remember not to wash the area with cold water within 3 hours of finalizing treatment

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